Degree: Master and Specialization in community psychology
Duration : 4 semesters
Director: Dra. Alba Ximena Zambrano Constanzo
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Tel: (045) 2325620

Información para postulantes 2017-2018 = Information for the applicants 2017-2018
Formulario de Postulación 2017-2018 = Application form 2017-2018
Carta de Referencia 2017-2018 = Reference letter 2017-2018

Objectives of the Program

Develop applied research skills of community phenomena from a participatory and Action Research perspective.
To train as specialists in community intervention professionals who work in state programs, private institutions and civil organizations in the field of local and regional development.
To generate capacities at the managerial level regarding the design, evaluation and planning of social policies and its various instruments, as well as leadership and management in work teams.

Graduate profile

The graduate of the Master in Community Psychology will have an updated view of the most relevant topics of Community Psychology, qualified in basic and applied research in the area and for the professional exercise in planning, evaluation and execution of psychosocial interventions in Groups and communities.
The graduate will also be a professional with high capacity for teamwork and with skills to lead processes of organizational change in their respective institutions.


Psychologists or Graduates in Psychology, or professionals and Graduates in some discipline with a degree officially recognized in Chile.
Admission requirements

• Ability to perform professional functions in the field of Community Psychology
• Complete and submit a application form, along with the following documentation:

- Well-founded statement of your interest in joining the program
- Original certificate or legalized copy of the degree or professional title.
- Certificate of the grades obtained in said program, indicating scale and approval criteria.
- Two professional and / or academic references that support your application.
- A brief conceptual and methodological elaboration of the subject to investigate as possible work of thesis (for those who postulate the Master).
- Letter of sponsorship or authorization from the employer or institution where you work, which guarantees the necessary permits to attend the activities of the program (when applicable).
• Approve the selection interview

Description of studies

magister sicologia comunitaria

Research areas

The academic team of the program is developing research in the following lines:

• Community strengthening processes
• Community Psychology and Social Policies
• Interculturality
• Organizational development in public institutions
• Community prevention
• Improvement of the capacities of attention to the juvenile population
• Environmental community psychology

Relationship between lines and research projects and special works, degree work and doctoral theses performed by students:
The students' theses can be inserted in the research lines and current projects. Notwithstanding this, student projects are also welcome particularly if they are relevant to new problems or challenges in the field of Community action for development.