Master in public community health and local development



Degree: Master in public community health and local development
Duration: Four academic semesters
Director: Mg. Marcelo Carrasco
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Tel: (56) (45) 2325783 - 2734013


To train professionals of the public and civil society in the southern regions of Chile, in conceptual and public health policies, epidemiology, and research and intervention methodologies that are applicable in the field regional and local of community health.

The students will be able to:
• Know theories and concepts related to Public Health and Development, as well as conditioning factors associated with the environmental, socio-political and economic territorial context.
• Manage methodologies for the integral analysis (epidemiological, environmental, socioeconomic and socio-cultural) of the problems of public health and local development.
• Incorporate competences for applied research, which will produce knowledge and propose solutions to public health problems in local and regional territorial areas.
Graduate profile

At the end of the program the graduates will have:
• Capacities to design and conduct research applied to health issues and local development.
• Methodological competences for the analysis of public health problems and development, capacity for design, management and evaluation of intervention proposals.
• Tools for the intersectoral analysis of the factors conditioning the local public health situation, both in health, environmental and socio-cultural aspects.
• Social skills to work as a team and to work in high professional and academic environments.

Admission requirements

Professional Degree and / or Academic Degree in a University in any discipline of Health Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Health, or other related discipline, granted by a national University or foreign University in a program officially recognized in Chile.

Description of studies1º semester
• Module I: Social and Community Epidemiology
• Module II: Social politics and health management
• Module III: Local development and participation

2º semester
•Module IV: Research and intervention methodologies
•Module V: Environment and Territory

3º semester
• Thesis project
• Thesis project

4º semester
• Thesis project
• Thesis project

Research lines

• Social and Community Epidemiology
• Health and Territory; Local Health Planning and Management Systems
• Lifestyles
• Food and Nutritional Status
• Citizen participation
• Interdisciplinarity in Health
• Social Economy and Local Economic Development
• Local Health Systems (SILOS)
• Primary Health Care
• Local Leadership and Social Capital
• Sustainable development
• Health and Environment
• Elderly Health
• Complementary and / or Intercultural Health
• Health Management
• Participatory Research and Intervention Methodologies
• Gender and Health Policy