Degree: Master in innovations in University teaching of Health sciences
Duration of the studies: Four academic semesters
Director: Mg. Mónica Illesca Pretty
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Objectives of the Program

The objective is to contribute to the training in teaching of academics, mainly in the area of health in higher education, with emphasis on the development of skills and abilities to carry out the student-centered teaching-learning process, enhancing the professional capacities for under- and postgraduate training.
In addition, to develop the capacity of the teachers of the health area in research and educational management, in order to generate knowledge in the discipline to improve the quality of the processes of undergraduate training of health professionals at the regional, national and international.
Graduate profile

The graduate of the Master's Program will have a solid background in the didactics of the student-centered teaching-learning processes, with competences and abilities of educational practice in the area of health sciences, valuing ethical behavior and reflection on the improvement of professional teaching. In addition, the graduate will be able to design, implement and evaluate research projects in the area. He/she is characterized by the ability to work in a multidisciplinary team, critical of their work and their environment, with skills in self-learning and continuing education.

Admission requirements

Academic Degree or Professional Degree in the area of Health. Preferably, the applicants are professionals who teach in a Faculty of Health Sciences of a National or Foreign University; or work in Health Services collaborating with university teaching.
Description of StudiesThe Study Plan is annual, semi-face-to-face, structured in modules in a separate and sequential form. The face-to-face periods require exclusive dedication and non-contact periods are developed through the Moodle platform.
The theoretical and practical program consists of a total of 60 credits (960 hrs.), developing during the first year of the modules related to teaching and university management and the second year oriented to the research training and development of graduate thesis.

1º semester
• Introduction to Virtual learning environment
• Theoretical and Ethical contruction of educational practice
• Student-centered methodology

2º semester
• Instructional resources of learning
• Student-centered evaluation
• Educational management

3º semester
• Educational research
• Thesis seminar

4º semester
• Thesis

Research lines

• Curricular Evaluation
• Learning Integration
• Problem-based learning
• Assessment of Learning
• Student Satisfaction
• Clinical Teaching