Degree: Master in Mathematics Education
Duration: Four semesters.
Director: Cesar Burgueño Moreno
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Tel. (56) (45) 2 32 5924

Objective of the Program

The Master's Program in Mathematics Education is oriented to Teachers of Mathematics of Secondary Education, emphasizing in them the capacity to promote pedagogical innovations on classroom level, teach specialized mathematics, spread the mathematical culture and develop research in their area.

It has the following lines of work:

Education: Increases their competence in methods and techniques of educational research.
Mathematics: Broadens mathematical formation oriented towards finite aspects in the educational level.
Educational Informatics: Facilitates the knowledge of the role of informatics in education and the use of software with mathematical applications.
The program is essentially based on e-learning with very few demands for classroom presence from the students. The student will participate in researching techniques and educational methods applicable to students of mathematics in an intercultural framework. The students who wish to obtain a Diploma in Mathematics Education, can receive it after passing all the academic requirements of the first year of the postgraduate course.

Graduate Profile

The graduate of the Master's Program in Mathematics Education will be a professional with solid academic and ethical training. He or she will acquire the following academic profile:

• Knowledge of the language and methods of classical and contemporary mathematics that enables them to communicate mathematical ideas clearly and accurately, using the most modern resources of oral and written communication.
• Dexterity to investigate and develop didactic processes and taking them into effect in their work environment. In this way he will be able to stimulate an efficient dialogue with his students, considering the individual differences of the students and apply his educational vision.
• Knowledge of the role of ICTs in education and, additionally, demonstrate the ability to evaluate and use educational software in the field of mathematics.

Admission requirementsBachelor's Degree or an equivalent Professional Degree in the areas of Pedagogy in Mathematics, Mathematics or Engineering, given by an accredited national or foreign University or Institution of Education.

Program description

The Program corresponds to 37 credits: 27 of subjects, 10 of the Graduate Thesis.

1st semester

• Principles of Mathematics Education
• Didactics of Geometry
• Education and New Technologies

2nd semester

• Design of Teaching and Assessment of Learning
• Didactics of Algebra
• Principles of Learning

3rd semester

• Methodology of Educational Research
• Elective Course I
• Elective Course II

4th semester

• Degree Work

Specialty Elective Courses

• Mathematical thinking
• Mathematical challenges in the development of computer games
• Statistics and Probabilities for Mid-level Education
• Mathematical Cognition

Academic Staff

UFRO Academics

Dr. Raúl Benavides G.
Research Line Didactics
Dr. Hernán Burgos V.
Research area: Dynamic Systems, Differential Equations with Delay.
Dr. César Burgueño M.
Research area: Algebra
Dr. Angel Carocca
Research Line: Algebra and Geometry
Mg. Carlos Jiménez G.
Research area: Adoption of educational innovation and ICT, Critical Thinking, Statistical Education, Progression of learning.
Mg. Ricardo Leal S.
Research area: Mathematics Education
Dr. Alfonso Llancaqueo H.
Research area: Learning of Physics, Progression of Learning, Conceptual Fields.
Dr. Herme Soto S.
Research area: partial differential equations
Mg. Victor Vargas V.
Research are: Calculus, Differential Equations, Computation, Teaching by E-learning

Visiting academics

Dr. Herminia Ochseius
Research area: Algebra
Dra. Claudia Vásquez
Research area: Didactic Research.

InformationFaculty of Engineering and Sciences
University of La Frontera
Avenida Francisco Salazar 01145, Temuco - Chile
Tel.: (56) (45) 2325330 - (56) (45) 2592861
Fax: (56) (45) 2592801
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